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Siding & Exterior

You might think that the living room is the most used room in your house, but it is usually the kitchen! Let McClanahan Builders help you plan your next remodel.

McClanahan Builders specializes in many types of maintenance free material that can protect and beautify the exterior of your home.

Insulated siding can improve a home’s energy efficiency. Most exterior walls have insulation in between the wall studs, but allow significant energy loss through the studs themselves. Wall studs, both wood and metal, are poor insulators — when they come in contact with the exterior cladding, they allow heat to pass through them (which is called a thermal bridge). Because these studs represent up to 25 percent of the wall surface of an average home, it’s like having an entire exterior wall with no insulation at all.
Insulated siding improves energy efficiency by reducing thermal bridging — like a blanket, it is continuous insulation over the studs, which helps homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

With its unmatched selection of profiles, shapes, textures, and colors, vinyl siding can play a beautiful role in your home’s exterior design — and will keep looking great year after year.
    •    Popular architectural styles using vinyl and other polymeric siding
    •    Horizontal and vertical profiles
    •    Shakes, scallops, fish scales, and other accent and whole house profiles
    •    Varying textures, from smooth to deep wood grain
    •    Beaded, clapboard, and Dutchlap designs
    •    Hundreds of colors, including barn reds, hunter and sage greens, deep blues and more

McClanahan Builders understands that vinyl isn't for everyone and others want a more "enviromentally friendly" material.   If you are a person who wants to limit your own carbon footprint, Hardi Plank will be the siding to choose. It is made from cellulose fibers coming from a highly renewable tree species, combined with cement, also a very renewable resource. Combining the two together creates a strong, long lasting siding that is also non-toxic and highly fire resistant. It’s not the lowest cost siding and it’s not extremely high cost, sort of a middle ground type of siding that is an exceptionally long lasting, waterproof siding.
You can also get it to resemble many materials such as stucco, vinyl, wood or cedar shingles. This siding can also stand the test of time in the sun. It is important to note that Hardi Plank needs to be installed by contractors who follow the exact directions of installation so as not to void out the warranty. Because it is a fiber-cement siding, there are special sheers he will use for cutting.
It is usually guaranteed by the manufacturer for 50 years, lasting even longer if taken care of properly. That should give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be replacing the siding on your home ever again. This is exactly why you want to be absolutely sure you are making wise choices now. It is also good to know that Hardi Plank siding is the most popular siding in most new home constructions today.
The benefits it will provide by lasting 50 years, being fire resistant, water proof, non-toxic, beautiful, and affordable, make Hardi Plank the wisest choice you can make.

Soffit works to moderate temperature extremes and control moisture in attic spaces. Overhangs on a home tend to trap heat and moisture which causes paint to peel.  McClanahan Builders can offer ideas in Vinyl Siding and Accessories that offer a maintenance-free solution to this issue in vinyl or aluminum. Fascia is also an important element of your roof structure and soffits, and deciding how to protect it is more important than just deciding on what color to use

McClanahan Builders realizes that your home is your most important asset, so you owe it to yourself to make it look as good as possible. One of the easiest and most effective ways to add curb appeal is to install decorative vinyl exterior shutters or custom wood exterior shutters on your home. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, putting exterior shutters on the outside of your home is dollar-per-dollar the most cost effective home makeover with the most dramatic effect.



Whether you have a precise picture in your mind of what you want or would  like in a bathroom. McClanahan Builders can help plan, design and show you what is available.


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